Exalt the Lamb

Exalt the lamb, the mighty lamb, the king of earth and sky
Governing the heavens, e’en with rockets racing by
His throne is sure, His place is set, across infinity
Above the warring men below, enthroned from sea to sea.

Exalt the lamb, the peerless lamb, the ancient one on high
Who harbours hell-worn souls with love, their pain to pacify
His arms outstreched, in bravest love, an endless, boundless span
Welcoming all spirits back to Him, the Son of Man.

Exalt the lamb, the matchless lamb, the God perfected child
Calling all of heaven to enjoy His mercy mild
He is the staunch conductor, aye, the leader of all things
Unto the carousel of life and death He softly sings

Exalt the lamb, the gentle lamb, the hushing wind of truth
The one who owns the wheeling domes of heaven, floor to roof
Bow to Him, aye, sing to Him, the master and the way
Let your voices rise in heartfelt gladness every day

Exalt the lamb, the deathless lamb, the genesis and end
The alpha and omega fused, our ever-present friend
He sees the death, He hears the woe, He knows the pain and toil
But only says “I AM” again, and swings the holy oil

Spirit take each one of us, please venture down to earth
Extricate the lost and give us all a second birth
We look to you in faith and hope, our faces burning bright
Ignite us with your sacred fire and steal us in the night…

Adam Daniel, 16.05.21