Behold the Lamb


Behold the mighty lamb of God,
A lighthouse in the night,
Sending rays of searing love,
From heaven, to enthrall creation’s sight,

We move as one, beneath this force,
In luscious folds of divine mirth,
We’re set ablaze, we come alive,
As though one body, worshiping from earth,

Each heart is fused with Christ on high,
His blazing passion known and felt,
Each soul ascending, breath by breath,
The pain of isolation soon to melt,

In Christ we find a nexus point,
A place to sing in unison,
A hymn book held aloft for all,
A shining new Jerusalem,

Pray, let your spirit seek this fire,
This holy place where God resides,
To lift us from our wretchedness,
To rapture, where peace of death abides.

Adam Daniel, 03/08/19


Fortis in Fide


Behold the empty tomb of Christ!
The keys of death obtained by man,
The gates of Sheol rent apart,
The crowning hour in God’s redemption plan,

The broken body sore and spent,
The spirit blazing true in God,
The stamp of shame on Satan’s head,
Emblazoned with a searing lightning rod,

An exodus of souls begins,
A journey up to kingdom come,
A twinkling light that calls us home,
A steady sound, a softly beating drum,

The mighty force that raised Him up,
This is our strength, our saving grace,
This is the breath of God divine,
The knowledge that ignites our very faith,

We feel it in our bones, our core,
Each cell within our blood decrees,
The purity in which You stand, perfected;
We fall to our knees,

You are the Lord of Lords, the king,
The holy one, who knows no sin,
The Alpha and Omega fused,
The silent hush above the earthly din,

You are the one who loves with hope,
With smiling eyes, that still the heart,
You guide us in our blackest straits,
You are the voice that bids our cares depart,

We only know true strength through You,
Although we do not know Your mind,
We fall upon our trust therefore,
With firm assurance that Your heart is kind,

Strength through faith, this is our skill,
The daily walk You deck with love,
The glory of our lives on earth,
The path protected, owned by God above.

Adam Daniel, 25/04/2019

Silence Everlasting…


A thunder crack across the scene!
With every visage struck agog,
The seventh of the seals undone,
With heaven’s host descending through the fog,

Pure silence is the herald’s cry,
No trumpets loud, no festal tones,
But every face in knowing awe,
Aye, every soul struck silent, to the bones,

What holy might commands us thus?
What stops creation in its tracks?
It is the Son of Man, at last,
The one to whom we’ve rudely turned our backs,

The resurrected lamb of God,
The one who died and rose again,
Returning to his place on earth,
The golden throne within the halls of men,

What can we do with such as this?
We cannot shade our eyes or hide,
We cannot stall the risen God,
Who comes again to claim his holy bride,

We can but bow our knees and sink,
In monumental reverie,
At Zion’s foot, at David’s door,
The palaces renewed with energy,

A thousand shadows jump to view,
And raise their heads to praise His name,
The spectres of idolatry,
Revealed as naught against His dazzling flame,

The unity is searing strong,
A wind that sweeps us up like dust,
A puissant call, a rapture quick,
Devouring every stigma of mistrust,

Wherefore our petty vagaries?
Wherefore our views and sentiments contrasting?
All made silent as the grave,
Forgotten now in silence everlasting…

Written by Adam Daniel, 11.11.18

The Battle In the Heavenlies


The hard-fought battle rages on,
The tumult waxing shrill,
The horrid works of hell rebuked,
The den of lies attacked with holy skill,

A blackened wind, in squalling ire,
A sea of boiling hate,
The hordes of darkness racing up,
To cast their wrath at heaven’s golden gate,

The Christ, the leader of the fold,
His vision on them all,
Casts a thought across the scene,
As every one to Him remains enthralled,

Wherein the need to wrangle thus?
We still remain one kin,
We’re bonded as one family,
We know the other’s heart and mind within,

Pray, lend your forces to our troop,
That we may work as one,
A stalwart stewardship we’ll keep,
The galaxy will serve our sacred sun…

Written by Adam Daniel 25.07.18