The Holy Temple

My temple is the light of all creation,
The brilliance of a thousand summer days,
The emanation from the holy city,
The miracles of earth within the blaze,

The tumbling tides of winter beaches churning,
The sun-embossed horizon glowing clear,
The midnight heavens spread with stars undying,
The gentle flowers growing without fear,

The orange kiss of dusk upon the mountain,
The perfect play of sunlight in the gloam,
The loveliness of God’s eternal fountain,
This I call my dwelling place, my home,

The hopeful glint of dawn light seeking sunrise,
The evanescent colours through the sky,
The dalliance of birdsong through the silence,
The innocence of life my lullaby,

The hushing breath of wind atop the forest,
The glitter of the rain upon the trees,
The harmony of heaven’s tender chorus,
This becomes my work, my expertise,

My temple is the light that knows no boundaries,
The love that conquers every tract and time,
I am the silent face of the Creator,
The splendour of a thousand suns sublime.

Dedicated to Rae, Phil, Mel, Louis, Lucia and Sophia Dunstan, in memory of Peter Francis Dunstan.

Photograph and words by Adam Daniel, 02.03.16