A Star Ascending

A star ascending to the silent sky,
The spangled heavens brightening with pride,
The caring reach of cherubim outstretched,
To greet the child of God, now beatified,

A flood of summer sunshine pouring down,
The blinding glut of heaven’s holy force,
Fashioning the soul in hues of peace,
A tapestry to match the sacred source,

Almighty jubilation fills the air,
Hosannas for the one that joins the fold,
We take you now, to see the God we see,
Aye, set aside your fleeting earthly mould,

Look back, the path is radiant with your steps,
The joy you gave to others as you went,
The beauty that you witnessed with your heart,
The gift of life so generously spent,

All fear is past, love blossoms as we go,
The prayers of those who knew you will suffice,
The call of the Creator guides us home,
The laneway wending on to paradise…


Poem written upon hearing the news of Paul Lenzi’s passing…

I find myself in tears. Your father took the time to offer encouragement to me when I wrote poems. I was enthusiastic about his flamboyant style and often biting insight, which he was able to fuse seamlessly into an effervescent and thoughtful poetic amalgam. It was always with a sense of glee that I observed new reflections in the Lenzi kaleidoscope. I enjoyed exchanging comments and remarks with him. Please lay a flower at his resting place for me. He said it was time for eternity to collect us. May we follow his lead and discover the peace he now knows.

Adam Daniel, 30.07.2018