I Love the Lamb

I love the precious lamb of God, the one who keeps me calm
His searing love the antidote, a soothing, holy balm
I love the way He has no guards, nor bars nor shutters closed
He is in fact the fount of love, of purest light composed

I love the arms that cherish me, that hold me safe and sure
That cast away my burdens, taking everything impure
I love the God that stands on high, the one who sees through time
Each prayer to Him, each offering, a gently sounding chime

I love the lamb who died for me, who calls me home to rest
Who beckons me and yearns for me to have the very best
I love the lamb who knows what’s next, the future in His view
Who leads me on, with endless love, and shows me what to do

I love the lamb who proves the dark to be a sorry lie
His eminence above illumining the boundless sky
He leads with care, with thoughtfulness, with patience and resolve
Allowing every wrenched sin in Him to soon dissolve

I love the lamb that praises God the Father, proud and strong
The folk below join gleefully to sing one sacred song
“We love you Lord, we praise You Lord, our trusted friend and king
Forever will we honour you, in every song we sing.”

Adam Daniel, 18.06.21


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