See the Billows

The softly blowing winds upon the ocean,
Whisper gently to a son of man,
“Return to us, behold the azure glory,
That holds the sky and sea within its span,

Look upon the rolling waves that tumble,
See the dancing surf that greets the air,
Marvel at the silver fishes swimming,
Plunging on with glee, without a care,

See the billows of the brilliant cloud banks,
Forming in the boundless crescent dome,
Lit by God’s own devastating glory,
This, my child, becomes your perfect home,

See the forest standing like a chorus,
Singing God’s own praises through the day,
See the birds and beasts about their business,
Know the love that lights the land we pray,

Hearken to the rain drops as they patter,
A gentle ode that fills the heart with glee,
Know the wind as though he were your brother,
Rising from the dust and soaring free,

Look upon the blush of red-hued sunsets,
Lighting the horizon like a fire,
Painted by the hand of the Creator,
No greater majesty could you acquire,

Sit and know the silence of the dawn light,
Forming with a golden sickle edge,
Ready to embrace the day with gladness,
Yet another heaven-gifted pledge,

Be with us in reverence and stillness,
As the jewelled night upon her throne,
Looking on in holy contemplation,
The infinite parade her very own,

Aye, the cherubim become your comrades,
Exaltation for your company,
Know the grace of God in vast abundance,
Rest in peace, be grateful and be free.”

Adam Daniel, 10.11.20
Written in memory of Layne Richardson


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